Our Company

Zhejiang New Chuwa Wool Co.,Ltd. was established in 2003, as a joint venture between Zhejiang Xinao Textile Inc., and Chuwa Wool Industry Co., (Taiwan) Ltd. In 2015 New Chuwa was privatised becoming a subsidiary of Zhejiang Xinao Textiles Inc.


New Chuwa factory is in the town of Chongfu, located close to Tongxiang City in Zhejiang province, China, and by road is about 2 hours from Shanghai and 30 mins from Hangzhou.


Since its establishment, New Chuwa has invested heavily in both equipment and know-how and has grown significantly to become today one of the world's leading wool top-makers.



New Chuwa exports wool tops to many customers around the world and have become well known and respected for their product quality, innovation and customer service.


In 2016 New Chuwa invested in a state of the art new raw wool scouring machine combined with a new liquid effluent treatment plant, which enabled them to improve quality further and at the same time reduce energy and water consumption.


Based upon western European equipment in their combing division they have three productions lines with an annual output of 9,000 tons of wool tops.


To ensure consistent high quality of their wool top production, New Chuwa have an on-site testing laboratory which among other testing apparatus comprises of a Almeter AL-100 for accurately measuring fibre length and a Sirolan-Laserscan device for measuring fibre fineness (Micron).



New Chuwa are also world-renowned for their knowledge and skill in the chemical processing of wool tops such as Shrink Proofing (Machine Washable), Mercerisation and Basolan treatment, much of which they inherited from Chuwa Wool Industry Co., (Taiwan) Ltd. who first began chemical processing of wool back in 1984.

With 35 years of knowledge and experience in chemical processing of wool tops today New Chuwa can providetreated tops of the highest quality in terms of performance, hand feel and colour.


The annual chemical processing capacity is over 12,000 tons of treated wool.


Also in addition, to selling wool tops direct, New Chuwa also offer services on a commission basis for both top-making and chemical processing.