Benefits of wool

Wool is Natural, Biodegradable and Renewable.


● Natural

There is no argument that wool is natural and is not man-made. Wool grows on the sheep naturally as a form of protection against the elements of nature such as the sun, rain, snow, wind, and hail.


● Biodegradable

When wool is disposed of and is buried in the ground, in comparison to other fibres, depending upon soil conditions it quickly breaks down or biodegrades. Wool is rich in Nitrogen a beneficial nutrient, i.e. comprising around 16 % by weight, which after decomposing is released into the soil.


● Renewable

Wool is a renewable resource. To produce wool, sheep need grass and water. Most sheep are shorn of their wool once per year, and the wool naturally grows back, then it is shorn the following year again and so on.



● Odour Management

Wool prolongs the build-up of odours. In fact, sweat itself does not smell but forms a warm and a damp environment which enables bacteria which cause the smell to multiply very quickly. Because wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight before feeling wet, this high amount of absorption prolonged the onset of bacterial growth. This means that wool garments are less smelly and need washing less frequently, thus reducing the environmental impact of laundering, resulting in less water and energy usage, less detergent, and a reduction in the amount of effluent disposed.


● Fire Resistant

Wool has natural inherent flame-resistant properties. In comparison to other fibres, wool is difficult to ignite and must reach a temperature of approaching 600°C before it does so. Also, when the source of the flame is removed, wool extinguishes itself leaving only a char.


● UV Resistant

Wool has evolved over thousands of years and has developed inbuilt protection against harmful UV radiation. Most Merino sheep thrive in hot climates such as Australia and South Africa where temperatures during the summer months reach more than 40°C are not uncommon.


● Wool is Easy to Care for

Many the chemical processes applied to wool by New Chuwa render the wool Machine Washable in accordance with Woolmark standards (Test Method 31). This enables the consumer to safely machine wash their garment made from them multiple times without the fear of shrinkage or colour bleeding or fading taking place. Wool also has excellent stain release properties. When wool is immersed in water, the wool fibres swell thus allowing dirt, sweat, and stains,to be able to be released quickly.